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PVLMD Annual Conference Tackles Ground Rent Mobilization to Boost Revenue in Ghana

PVLMD Annual Conference Tackles Ground Rent Mobilization to Boost Revenue in Ghana

In a high-profile assembly of land administration experts, the PVLMD Annual Conference, held at the Anita Hotel in Kumasi, has become a focal point for charting a visionary path toward more efficient land administration in Ghana. A key theme of the conference centered on improving revenue generation through ground rent mobilization and addressing critical challenges within the land sector.

The conference commenced with a warm welcome by Mr. Christopher Atanga Esq, PVLMD head of the Ashanti Region.

Mr.Atanga's opening remarks extended gratitude to the PVLMD leadership for their foresight in organizing this conference and encouraged all participants to fully embrace their stay and contribute their quota to ensure the success of the conference in the Ashanti Region.

Nana Nsuase Opoku Agyemang III, Chairman of the Ashanti Regional Lands Commission, set the conference's tone with his opening remarks, highlighting the importance of collaboration and called upon participants to unite their efforts to ensure the conference's success. Regional heads were tasked with organizing training programs for their staff to improve ground rent mobilization, marking a commitment to knowledge dissemination at the heart of the event.

Mr. Richard Afoakwah, Director of PVLMD, defined the conference's core objectives. He emphasized the vital role of effective land administration in Ghana and honed in on the specifics of ground rent mobilization. Topics included rent computation, revision, collection strategies, and challenges inherent to ground rent. The conference also explored estate management and large-scale land acquisition, aligning with the Land Act of 2020 (Act 1036). Crucially, the event aimed to collectively address the challenges of ground rent mobilization and estate management, forging a vision for the sector's future.

The National Chairman, Lawyer Alex Quaynor, articulated the need for innovative approaches in ground rent collection. He announced that the Commission is actively marshaling resources to bolster effective supervision, thereby demonstrating their dedication to the cause.

Ag. Executive Secretary Mr. Ben Arthur underscored the imperative of looking beyond PVLMD and concentrating on the Commission's mission to elevate its reputation. This shift in focus speaks to a broader transformation within the organization.

Mr. Jones Ofori-Boadu, Deputy Executive Secretary for Corporate Services, shed light on the critical importance of ground rent and the need for comprehensive attention to this aspect. He expressed optimism that, by the end of the conference, participants would have cultivated measures to enhance ground rent mobilization.

The first presentation, "Strategies for Ground Rent Mobilization" by Mr. Afoakwah, delved into estate management and the intricacies of ground rent mobilization. Mitigating strategies were explored, including collaborations with the Information Services Department, the use of key performance indicators, and the introduction of alternative payment platforms. The presentation also unveiled a work plan, a reporting template, and an app designed for rent collection tracing.

The conference transitioned into a dynamic session for comments, questions, and answers, fostering an environment for robust discussion and interaction among participants.

The second presentation, "Ground Rent Challenges at Regional Perspectives," showcased regional heads representing regions from across Ghana. Each region shared unique insights into the challenges faced in rent collection, revealing the amounts collected for the year and region-specific nuances.

The conference then continued with a presentation on inputs for legislative instruments by Mr. Raphael Hokey, Head of the Regional Operations Unit followed by further rounds of questions and answers.

Day two of the conference saw an action plan being drawn, where mitigating strategies for the collection of rent were put into action, proactively addressing the challenges discussed during the conference and further streamlining ground rent mobilization.

There was also a diverse array of presentations. Hajia Zenabu Salifu presented HR concepts and policies, touching on the scheme of service, the welfare system, strategic goals, and the HR Manual. This addition demonstrated the conference's comprehensive approach to land administration, integrating human resources management into the agenda.

Mr. Kwesi Owusu Peprah, the Regional Head of PVLMD - Greater Accra shared insights on large-scale land transactions and acquisitions in Ghana, shedding light on the intricacies and considerations involved in these critical processes.

Madam Cynthia Odametey, Head of Policy Planning and Research Unit, presented on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), with chapter six providing a detailed process of services rendered by the PVLMD. These operating procedures play a fundamental role in ensuring consistency and efficiency within the organization.

An opening forum allowed participants to seek clarifications and address questions, fostering interactive engagement on key conference topics.

As the conference drew to a close, Nana Nsuase Opoku Agyemang III, the Ashanti Regional chairperson, delivered the closing remarks, highlighting the significance of the discussions and the collaborative spirit of the event.

Some presentations were made to the indefatigable outgoing Ag. Director, Mr. Richard Afoakwah for his commitment and dedication to the Commission as he exits the Commission before the year ends.

The PVLMD Annual Conference offered a rich tapestry of insights and strategies aimed at advancing land administration practices in Ghana. Attendees from across the nation gathered to shape a vision for a more efficient, revenue-generating land sector, with an appreciation for holistic development and the welfare of all stakeholders. This event serves as a testament to the Commission's unwavering commitment to fostering excellence in land administration practices.

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