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Why You Should Buy or Own a Home in Accra

Why You Should Buy or Own a Home in Accra

Ghana, as referred to by many as the gateway to Africa, is attractive for various reasons: its political stability, economic viabilities, abundant natural resources, great work opportunities and tons of recreational hubs for fun. Accra, the capital of Ghana, offers a significant opportunity for good living regardless of the increase in the capital’s population growth. Life in the capital is considerably comfortable as compared to other parts of the country.

In a survey conducted by, the following factors are reasons why you should consider buying or renting a house in the city of Accra.

 Centre of Ghana’s Life: If you live in another Ghanaian city, you’ll probably eventually get bored after exhausting the events and activities they offer. You will also notice that most (if not all) major events are held in Accra. Life in Accra is on a whole different level. If you are considering moving from outside of Ghana, Accra offers the closest experience to what you might seek in metropolitan living. There’s always something to do. For the movie and drama addicts, you can catch a movie or play with the family at the National Theatre or a play at the Efua Sutherland Drama studio (University of Ghana Campus) or the latest Hollywood blockbuster at any of the cinemas (Silver Bird at Accra Mall or West Hills Mall and Global Cinemas in Weija). There are always tons of street and convention centre fairs and festivals, concerts, live band performances, poetry slams, Happy Hours, two Fashion Weeks, weekly club events, golf, marathons, the list is endless.

The capital also has some amazing landmarks like Independence Square and the W.E.B. Dubois centre, which can make for a full day of cultural exploring. If you’re a foodie, your taste buds will be well pampered by the impressive eatery options – African, Ethiopian, Italian, American, Asian, Spanish and other global cuisines. For people who are shopping freaks, you can be assured of finding whatever your shopping needs are in one of Accra’s several malls or shopping centres like Melcom and Shoprite, in fashion container stores across many neighbourhoods, or you could visit the many open local markets in the capital like Agbogbloshie, Kaneshie, and Kantamanto, to name a few. Whatever your lifestyle preferences, there’s a place in the capital to cater for your needs. The beaches in La, the pubs and nightclubs in Osu and the beautiful gardens in Aburi.

  Education and Job Opportunities:

Employment: Accra offers employment opportunities for people at every end of the employment spectrum. With great multinational companies with branches in the capital as well as good Ghanaian-owned business, you are likely to find a job with a bright future. You can connect with employment agencies that can help you find job vacancies and get direct help from online job markets like Jobber man. Also, some people are taking the way of entrepreneurship and Accra offers great support for entrepreneurs with lots of fantastic networking opportunities and co-working workspaces. Budding businesses with innovative ideas have a better chance in the capital city to pitch for funding to take their companies to the next level.

Education: Some of the nation’s best schools at     all levels are also found in Accra – whether you prefer for your kids to be educated within the local school system, international (British or American) systems, there are all options for you. From renowned international schools like Lincoln Community College and Ghana International School, Morning Star School and Ridge Church School. Top learning is attainable in Accra. At high school and university levels, some of the best diplomas and degrees can be attained in Accra as well. Ghana's oldest college – the University of Ghana – is located in Legon, Accra.

 Main Transport Hub:  Accra itself has so much to offer, it’s also the place where you can easily jet if you want to get somewhere else, be it local or international destinations. With an international airport and countless bus stations, it’s the ideal destination for making your way around Ghana and Africa. Aside from the mass transit that is "trotro", you can easily find a cab or taxi to anywhere in the city, and now there are also motorcycles to add to your options for getting around. Currently, Accra has Ghana’s only international airport – Kotoka International Airport, which also has domestic connections to other major cities like Kumasi, Takoradi and Tamale.

 Real Estate: The city capital is home to some of the most stunning real estate in the country. From East Legon to Achimota, Spintex to Tesano, just about any locality you can think of has lovely housing pickings, whether you are looking to rent or own property. Single-family homes, duplexes, townhouses, gated communities, and serviced apartments are just a few of the exciting real estate options available, many of which include coveted amenities to ensure a comfortable home life. Real estate is not cheap, but whatever your budget, you can find a place to call home in Accra. You will also find the best support with home financing if you need it, in Accra, with companies like Ecobank, Stanbic Bank, Ghana Home Loans, all headquartered in the capital.

The great reasons for living in Accra are infinite. The selling points of proximity to beautiful beaches along the coasts of Labadi, Osu, and Tema, vibrant nightlife and entertainment, top education and work opportunities and more make it easy to understand why you should consider renting or buying a home here.

Source: Affum-Ankamah Reuben (Real Estate Times Africa)

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