Real Estate Times Africa is a continental media firm that is dedicated to providing credible, independent and responsible journalism for the broader real estate sector in Africa.

We are a business newspaper and online media organization for the real estate sector in Africa and seek to remain the premier source of business information, news, interviews and opportunities about the broader real estate sector.


We seek to develop the continent through the use of professional, independent and expert journalism. Our mission is grounded in our belief that responsible journalism has the ability to help develop the continent and make it great for all of us to prosper.


Our vision is to create a more prosperous and developed continent via responsible and professional journalism whiles simultaneously ensuring the sustainability of the business for the benefits of the firm, its workers and clients.

Our Values

We are guided by our values on daily basis in the discharge of our professional work. By living our values, we diligently serve our readers, clients and the entire continent, ensure the continuous progress of our journalism and business in the real estate sector whiles building a positive relationship and culture at Real Estate Times Africa.

Our Values are: Leadership, Integrity, Professionalism, Independence and Teamwork.


Our Staff

Our Journalists are well trained real estate professionals with solid academic background, passionate about their job and are able to produce well researched contents, wider reach, credible news and reports that are unmatched on the continent. In producing responsible journalism for our several millions of clients on the continent, our staff are all minded by the fact that, integrity and leadership comes first irrespective of being a journalist, marketing executive or a support staff.


Our journalists create original and independent reporting for the public. They provide the platform for our readers to better appreciate all happenings in the broader real estate space in a responsible, truthful and professional manner without biases. Our Journalists are experts in the various aspects of the real estate who offer informed insights and view points on specific issues that are always beneficial to investors, professionals, policy makers, students and others wishing to tap into the broader real estate sector in Africa.

From Kumasi in Ghana, Lagos in Nigeria, Kigali in Rwanda, Nairobi in Kenya and Johannesburg in South Africa, our journalists provide extensive coverage on all major news items, events and developments in respect of the Economy, Residential, Commercial, Urban Development, Land, Finance and Investment, Mortgage, Professional Services, Hospitality, Health, Education and anything that touches on the real estate industry on the continent.

Our research into pressing development issues always results in meaningful actions either by Governments, Policy Makers or Financiers and whether it is in the boardroom, lecture room or marketing conversations, our reports and reviews are always influential.
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